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Calculating your love % . . .

How love calculator works ?

❶ Our love calculator works on an simple and secure javascript algorithm.

❷ MEntering the male and female name you can find out their relationship strength.

How to use love calculator ?

❶ Enter male name and female name with respective age in the respective boxes to calculate the love percent.

❷ Find out the relationship success percent between you and your dream partner.

Love calculator results

❶ If the output percentage is below 50 then success rate of your relationship is low.

❷ If the percentage is between 50 and 70 then it's little bit hard.

❸ If the percentage is more than 75 then the relationship success rate is too high.

About the Page

Calculate the love between you and your partner.

Enter your and your partner name to know how strong is your relationship.

The more high number you get the more success rate of your relationship is.

We use an secure alogrithm to do this work and we dont save your personal information anywhere.