Advanced calculator

sin-1cos-1tan-1π e
xyx3x2ex 10x
y√x3√x√xln log

How to use advanced calculator ?

❶ MS = Memory Store puts the number on the display into the memory.

❷ M+ = Memory Add takes the number on the display, adds it to the memory, and puts the result into memory.

❸ MC = Memory Clear sets the memory to 0.

❹ MR = Memory Recall uses the number in memory, acts as if you had keyed in that number yourself.

❺ C = Clear All.

❻ RND = Random Number.

❼ EXP = EXP stands for exponential. The term EXP is the same as writing e^x or "e to the power of x".

Important use of advanced calculators / scientific calculators

❶ Advanced calculators has all the required options to solve advanced math problems.

❷ Advanced calculator is also known as प्रगत कॅल्क्युलेटर and उन्नत कैलकुलेटर.

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